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Frequently asked questions FAQ:
1. Basic questions:
1) What is the meaning of a meter, that contains symbols + and -?
Reply: At the moment, it has no function. There are some functions coming into it, which are importantly related to ice-fishing. We are not going to disclose all the details, but these functions are related to characters ability to performance in different circumstances. In this beta-version (0.2), its only function is to be kind of a stamina-meter, that limits characters running distances. In future there will be differences in stamina consumptions, if it is decided to choose deep snow instead of e.g. former formed footpaths.
2) Is it possible to fall through the thin-ice?
Reply: It is not possible in this beta-version (0.2), but it will be available in some of the future releases.
3) Is there more fish species available in future releases?
Reply: Yes.There will be all fish species, that is possible to catch using normal ice-fishing equipments in Finland.   Some rare species will not be included, like sturgeons and sterlets. New species are released with upgrade-files, but there will all species included in the Pp2 1.0 version. Adding new species into the lakes needs updating of the all published lake-files.
4) Is it possible to have more lakes than now?
Reply: Yes. Now we have published only few lakes, but more lakes will be added into the game in the future  releases. The final version will contain about 30-50 lakes.
5) Why there are only 6 lures usable, even there are lots of empty slots in the menu?
Reply: There will be lure/rod/bite in every slot, which are empty now. Graphics are already finished, but there is no need to publish those yet. There will a huge selection of lures from small leech-like lures to large burbot-lures.
6) How much does Propilkki 2 cost?
Reply: The beta version is free to use. The final version is also planned to be freeware. We have not started to do this project as a gainful employment, so we'd like to keep it free also in the future. Advertisers and sponsors role is not decided yet , but it will be in a very small-scale role.
7) If the game is freeware, is it still possible to donate some money?
Reply: There should be rules for the voluntary donations within our team. If there would be any donations, I believe that we would gave all of them to e.g. contribute young peoples fishing hobby or charity. So far, we don't accept any money, but if you have too much of it, please use it wisely and give it to some charity collection.
8) Is there some cheat-codes in the game? Will there be any of them?
Reply: No, there is not, and there will never be any of them.
2. Technical help:
1) Why there are some strange lines in the graphics of the menus and fonts?
Reply: It depends on different kind of graphic adapters and their settings. Find a page from your operating system, where you can change settings of your graphic adapter. Make it sure, that following Direct3D-settings are set "OFF" or "APPLICATION PREFERENCE".  
 - Anisotropic filtering
 - Smoothvision(tm)
 - Alternate pixel center (compability settings)
2) How I can get and play Propilkki2 beta?
Reply: Firstly, download the exe-file from www.kalassa.net/propilkki2 downloads area. When the file has been downloaded, then double click it and let the installer finish the installation. It will ask standard questions whether to create short-cuts to your start-menu and desktop or not. When the installer has finished the installation, just go and double click the Propilkki2 icon and enjoy the game.
3) The game crashed during playing and returned to windows, what to do?
Reply: This was serious problem in the earlier versions of Propilkki2, which was caused by a bug in assembler. Now the problem has been solved. If the game somehow crashes, please create a good quality bug report, which may help us to solve the problem.
4) How do I create a good quality bug report?
Reply: Please send us e-mail, if there is something irrational crashing etc in the game. Our e-mail address is propilkki@gmail.com
The good quality bug report should contain following information:
1) Your contact information (e-mail (recommended) and optional name, phone number, messenger or google talk account).

2) Information of used hardware and software (motherboard, graphics adapter, monitor, operating system etc etc).
3) Versions of used driver softwares (please include version of DirectX also).
4) What happened in details?  Errors must be spelled word for word.
- What was the phase(?) of program, when problems occurred?
- Explain, what did you do at that moment.
- What you were doing before that?
5) Please attach debug.log file to your mail as an attachment, if the reason for you bug report is "game crash". DO NOT run the game before you have attached and send that file! 
6) If you have screenshot of the problem/error, it would be helpful if you send it to us also.
4) There are some purple regions covering trees, hole in the ice and some fishes. Why?
Reply: Your graphics adapter apparently cannot handle texture surfaces, which are larger than 128x128 pixels. If some object in the game is larger than that, there might occur that kind of problems. At first, update all drivers of your and graphics adapter (and motherboards also recommended). If the problem still exists, please contact us and prepare earlier mentioned "good quality bug report". It was well known that textures around the spruces and bottom-side of the hole in the ice were covered by purple regions. Now these texture's sizes have been limited to 128x128pix, so there shouldn't be that problem anymore.
5) Why there is only one available game type?
Reply: Simply because there is no other game type finished yet. We are working with new contents constantly, so please be patient. There will be new game types in future... someday.
6) Why the monitor turns off itself and says "not an optimal resolution and/or refresh rate" ?
Reply: This is a problem with Samsung TFT-displays. You should open your propilkki2-folder and find static-folder (and open it). There is a file named "settings.dat". Open it and modify the line "resolution" to the recommended (or used) resolution & refresh rate.
3. Forthcoming releases:

1) When the Final Version of Propilkki 2 is available?
Reply: Possibly never. The game is planned to be generated on and on. There is still lot of work to do, before we can release the "official" Propilkki 2 ver. 1.0. You will find more information from "Propilkki 2 beta 0.31 release notes" -file.

2) Are you going to publish a lake editor?
Reply: Probably not. So far we are going to do all lakes by ourselves. Couple of experts representing some specific regions are taken into account and to be initiated to "create lakes". At the moment, this is not the point of importance. It is much valuable first to have many other parts of the game to work. IF the lake editor is to be published someday, it would have lots of limits in fish sizes and amounts, which means that you are only capable to restock only some basic-shoals, but not any enormous pikes (like a legendary Matojoki-pike in Propilkki 1) and perches and whatever. It will also be impossible to open and edit any of  the already published lakes. Lakes prepared with lake editor will be at completely different format than "original" lakes, so these will be only available in "single game" -type competetions.
3) When you will release the next version of Propilkki 2 beta?
Reply: It is quite certain, that it will be released during current ice-fishing season. Maybe March-April 2007. There will be new tournament-game type and 2 new lakes. Maybe some new fish species etc. After that, we will start to work with network games (LAN & internet).
4) When the record-lists are available?
Reply: Records are included in version 0.2 beta. Have fun!
5) Why the time scale of your project fails so often?
Reply: It is almost impossible to give valid prediction about time-tables of next releases. There will always be some sort of surprises to come. We always want to release as good as possible version of the current version of the game. Finishing of some very tiny and minor details may take very long time. Every programming project will face some problems and some extra time is then needed. Preventing these and forthcoming problems takes also a lot of time, e.g. preventing possibilities to cheat in the game (like cheating in record-tables). Finally, our team is consisted only of human beings, which has their lifes and works and hobbies etc.. We are not paid anything about this project and we have to do our job to earn our living. So please be patient, we will do our best!


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