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Support creation of Propilkki 2 -game here >>

Version 1.0.6 full installer available 8.11.2013
To make the installation on latest version of PP2 more easy, download page contains now full installer of the latest release 1.0.6. Obviously it can also be used to upgrade the older game version.

Upgrade to v1.0.6 available 22.9.2013

ProPilkki v1.0.6 update is available:
www.kalassa.net/propilkki2/download_1.0.6/PP2_download.php (~1 MB)

At least v1.0.3 is required to be installed before this update (can be found from download page).

Updates v1.0.4 - v1.0.6 have been publicly available for testing on discussion formum, change history below:

New in version 1.0.4
1) Fix for fish fitting/not fitting from the hole in network game. Behaviour is now identical for the host and clients. Big fish are now practically always fitting up from a bigger drill hole (6").
2) Support for Wiimote controller in fishing.It is recommended to use Wii Motion Plus to get more precise rod movements. First establish the Bluetooth connection between Wiimote and PC, then start Pro Pilkki 2. If controller is deteced, it is noted on the startup screen. Note: Wiimote might not work with all Bluetooth adapters.
3) Fixed /game -command issues related to game types at night
4) Fixed /lures -command parameters. Command is now allowed from autohost.ini
5) Fixed several crashes with help of automatic bug reports.

New in version 1.0.5
1) More fixes for fish fitting/not fitting from the hole in network game and occasional missing fish from the final results.
2) Support added for embedded Motion Plus (new Wiimote controller). Note! User is fully responsible of everything when using Wiimote-controller with Propilkki. The autohors of the Propilkki are taking no responsibility of possible damage/harm caused to involved computer, Wii-controller, player and/or environment.
3) Fixed non-standard HTTP messages and improved the compatibility with firewall and anti-virus software.
4) Fixed too bright fishing rod (issue in 1.0.4).

New in version 1.0.6
1) Fix for fishing rod moving itself with Wii Motion Plus.
2) Fix for lost fish in extreme network jamming situation.

Changes in network records list 11.9.2013
As the player and fish amount in the ProPilkki network records has been growing, at the same time the service has become frustratingly slow. This has significantly increased the waiting time, when the competitions end and results are sent to server, and player rankings before and after are calculated and sent back to players.
Following changes have been made to network records server side (11th Sep 21:10 GMT+2):
- significantly optimized the case when player rank is not improving (this night have a big impact)
- removed calculating of the previous rank, only the new rank is reported and shown in the game
- removed calculating of the rank in "all lakes" list, only the rank improvements from the current lakes are shown in the game.
Let's see what kind of effect these changes have. If they are not enough, the next step will be removing the week list and finally the season lists, leaving only the all-time-best. This can't be done on-the-fly and will propably mean service break in network records.

Package 1.0.3 available 16.4.2013
Hopefully now the difficulties with release 1.0 are finally solved. Full installer of version v1.0.3 is available under "download" section.
Summary of changes in version 1.0.1  - 1.0.3
- Fix for showing records hosts correctly in the host list when joining the game
- Fixed occasional game crash in the end of the competition. The problem occured only when hosting the game without player character (as guest).
- Host list sorting fixed according to "info"-column (records hosts first)
- Game server crash fixed when browser fetches the player list

Package 1.0.2 was full failure. 15.4.2013
Package 1.0.2 was full failure. It has been restored to 1.0
Update from 1.0. to 1.0.1 can be still found from:
New will be available soon.

Full installer 1.0.2 available 12.4.2013
To avoid update-confusions, full installer of version v1.0.2 is available under "download" section.
Summary of changes in version 1.01 and 1.0.2
- Fix for showing records hosts correctly in the host list when joining the game
- Fixed occasional game crash in the end of the competition. The problem occured only when hosting the game without player character (as guest).
- Host list sorting fixed according to "info"-column (records hosts first)

Pro Pilkki 2 v1.0 released 11.4.2013

Pro Pilkki 2 release for this spring is here - version is finally 1.0.
Main new features are burbot fishing (night) and network records. Official network records list is here:

Please note that only the results played on official network records hosts are qualified for the records list. We will approve these trusted hosts individually, giving priority to hosts running actively open games. If
we have invited you as a records host, you will get a notification, when starting Pro Pilkki 2. In that case you can apply for the records host form "Player setup" inside the game. "Player Setup" is also the place to initially create your account for the network records.

Enjoy the fishing!
Team Procyon

Ukraine won Propilkki 2 World Championship again! 7.3.2013
Ukraine was the winning team once again in Propilkki 2 World Championships. It was the third championship for them. Latvia was suffering "fish got away" syndrome in finals, which was also the main reason why Team Finland did not manage to go to the finals.

Final results:

1. Ukraine 53
2. Russia 46
3. Belarus 38
4. Latvia 23

Medal table after 6 tournaments:

                 Gold   Silver   Bronze
1. Ukraine   3         0         1
2. Sweden   2         0         0
3. Latvia      1         1         0
4. Russia     0         2          2
5. Finland     0        2         1
6. Poland    0          1          0
7. Belarus    0          0         1
7. Lithuania    0        0        1

Congratulations, Ukraine!

ProPilkki2 v0.95 released! 21.11.2012
Beta testing is now over and we are happy to release ProPilkki2 version 0.95! Installer can be found from download-section. Please read about the new features from the release note (download page). Have a nice virtual ice-fishing winter!

Bug patch 0.91 released 13.4.2012
Bug fix 0.91 is now released. Just download it and install to 0.9 folder.

Updates in 0.91

1)    Fixed un-stability and crashes followed by viewing the records
2)    Memory leaks fixed
3)    New lake: Pitkälampi
4)    Prevented possibility to cheat while running in single player game.
5)    Added possibility to send automatic bug report in case of game crash or detection of fish count mismatch. Report can be sent when the game is started again.
6)    Scandinavian letters handled properly in autoscript.txt and script.txt
7)    Fixed handling of special characters in host name and game description (/hello), when game is added to public host list
8)    Occasional “Sqrt domain error” fixed
9)    Fish release probability tuned
10)    AI and properties of computer players tuned.
11)    Fixes to missing or wrong fish in the results of the network game
12)    Other smaller fixes

Download link:

ProPilkki2 v0.9 is released 5.3.2012

After almost one year of working, next version of ProPilkki 2, version 0.9, is finally ready - enjoy! It comes with a long list of new features, improvements and fixes. Details can be found from the release note. We want to wish all of you sunny ice fishing weather - both to real and virtual ice!

World Championships 2012 28.2.2012
The tournament is now over and the new world championship is Latvia! Congratulations!

Results of the finals:
1. Latvia
2. Russia
3. Ukraine
4. Poland

Medal table after 5 world championship tournaments:

                 Gold   Silver   Bronze
1. Ukraine   2         0         1
2. Sweden   2         0         0
3. Latvia      1         1         0
4. Finland     0        2         1
5. Russia     0         1          2
6. Poland    0          1          0
7. Lithuania    0        0        1

PP2 update v0.853 3.12.2011
ProPilkki2 v0.853 updater can be found:
This patch has been available already since last August on discussion board as a user-beta-test. It  fixes frame rate slowdown issue with NVIDIA display adaters and increases performance also with other boards. Please note that this is only update package, so version 0.851 must be installed first. 

Version 0.851 is released 23.2.2011
Waiting is finally over and the version 0.851 is now available. This time it provides following improvements:
1)      Re-designed 3D engine. Fixes 3D drawing order issues and is faster. Utilizes more display adapter capabilities.
2)      Graphical improvements.
3)      Widescreen and high resolution support (optimal resolution is 1280x720).
4)      Public host list. Adding your own game to public list and viewing ongoing public games is implemented in the game.
5)      /results –command (in-game results).
6)      4 new lakes: Lahnalammet, Korpipuro, Metsälampi and Kolmisoppi.
7)      Wider zoom area, more lake is now visible (faster zoom with control-key).
8)      Anti-cheating protections improved.
9)      Occasional corruption of graphics (ie fonts) in Windows7:ssa and Windows Vista is fixed.
10)  New menu music tracks.
11)  RecMerger –tool included in the package (tool to merge records.dat –files).
12)  Several other bugfixes and improvements.
Work for this version has been done since the last summer. Graphical 3D changes took way more time than expected and the last moment problems with network game were really tough to find and fix. But hopefully the work was worth it.
Have a nice ice-fishing spring time!
Team Procyon

Beta-tests completed! 22.2.2011
Beta-tests of 0.85 version are now completed. Now we need do create an installer package of the game and share it to our collaboraters for download-mirrors. The release of the game is now scheduled to the end of the week (i.e. after thursday).

Ukraine won Propilkki 2 world championship 2011 21.2.2011
Ukraine took an overwhelming victory in world championship tournament 2011. Poland took silver medal and bronze went to Lithuania. 11 teams participated to tournament this year. Congratulations to the medalists!

Beta-tests of version 0.85 have started! 23.1.2011
Eventually, we have started beta-tests of version 0.85. Usually game will be released 2-4 weeks after start of test-period.

List of new features to be tested:

1)      Re-designed 3D engine. Fixes 3D drawing order issues and is faster. Utilizes more display adapter capabilities.

2)      Graphical improvements.

3)      Widescreen and high resolution support (optimal resolution is 1280x720).

4)      Public host list. Adding your own game to public list and viewing ongoing public games is implemented in the game. (see /hello –command below)

5)      4 new lakes: Lahnalammet, Korpipuro, Metsälampi and Kolmisoppi.

6)      Wider zoom area, more lake is now visible (faster zoom with control-key).

7)      Anti-cheating protections improved.

8)      Occasional corruption of graphics (ie fonts) in Windows7:ssa and Windows Vista is fixed.

9)      Several other bugfixes and improvements.
10)     Results-function

New version of the game is under construction 10.11.2010
We are currently creating a new version of the game (0.85). It will look visually much better than the older versions, but there are still a limited number of added new features. New version contains support for wide-screen monitors and higher resolution. Moreover, some of the oldest graphics in the game are also updated to look better. Of the new features, there will be at least 2 new lakes added, but we try to do total of 3-4 lakes for the release. Time-schedule for releasing the game is still open. The most probable dates are during January and February 2011.

ProPilkki v0.8 is released! 16.4.2010
Long wait is now over! Propilkki 2 v. 0.8 is now released! Development work has lasted the whole winter, but now it's done and the version is available for everyone. This time there are plenty of new things to enjoy. More details can be found from the release-notes of the game, but here are the main new things in short:
- 2 new rods
- 10 new fish species
- 6" drill
- 3 new lakes
- 5 new baits
- 6 lures more in use in network game
- new graphics
- improved cheating preventions
- fixed old bugs as "forever drilling"

New version will unfortunately clear the old records, but they are stored to separate text-file for your own use. There are several reasons for this, the biggest one is that the game has changed over the time so much that part of the old records cannot be beaten anymore with the current game version.

Team Procyon wishes you enjoyable moments with Propilkki2!

Ukraine won 2010 World Championship tournament 22.2.2010
Ukraine have won World Championship tournament 2010. Team Finland won silver medal. Both Ukraine and Finland had 50 points, but Ukraine won 2 of the lakes played, whereas Finland only 1. Team Russia was fighting well, but collapsed during last lake and received bronze medal. 4th place went to Lithuania.

Final results:

1. Ukraine 50 (2 wins)
2. Finland 50 (1 wins)
3. Russia 38
4. Lithuania 24

World Championship tournament starts today! 16.2.2010
The World Championship tournament of Propilkki 2 starts today! In the first qualification round tonight there will be playing teams of Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Tomorrow the teams of Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia will be playing. Two best teams from both of the qualification leagues will proceed to the finals that are played at Sunday.

Sweden have won two previous World Championship titles. It is interesting to see, who will won tournament this year!

World Championships registeration 21.1.2010
Registeration to Propilkki 2 World Championship tournament is ongoing. Deadline for registeration is at 31th of January. The tournament will be played during February - March 2010.

More information is available in Propilkki 2 forum:

Rules and more detailed information is given shortly after the closing of registeration.

The list of teams joining the tournament is currently:

If you want to register your team national team into the tournament, please contact us. Follow the link to the forum, or send us e-mail: propilkki (at) gmail.com

10 years of virtual ice fishing 4.11.2009

Pro Pilkki 1 was published on 5th of November 1999.
It means that exactly 10 years has gone since the very first release of Pro Pilkki 1. This really is the milestone worth of celebrating!
Because of this remarkable event, we decided to release a PP2 update v0.751. Among with some fixes it re-introduces a lake from
past that many of you might remember as one of the Pro pilkki 1 favorite maps. It is Savilahti.

Update can be downloaded from: (1.5MB)

For the Finnish speaking folk, there is document in the discussion board about the history of making the Pro Pilkki, including some
previously unpublished pictures. Text is in Finnish, but pictures might be worth taking a look.

We wish you an enjoyable playing moments and we want to thank all the players from the past 10 years!
Team Procyon

Propilkki 2 v. 0.75 released! 15.9.2009
New version of Propilkki has been released! You will find it by pushing "download" button.

New in version 0.75
Network communication reliability improved

Recovery from connection break added

Drilling to bottom added - drill blade becomes dull

Several holes can be drilled without sitting down in between

Four new samplesets added (3 male + 1 female)

Three new lakes: Surrinlampi, Haukilahti and Meri (Sea)

Arrows up/down re-use the previous sent chat-messages (console style)

When the host is full, waiting players are sorted according to waiting time. Also /names –command shows the order of waiting players and their waiting times.

Team-chat command added (/t)

Amount of players allowed on nework game can be set (/players)

Lake description can be viewed when the game is on

Languge can be changed when the game is on

New lures added to network game (randomized lures)

Game host can ranomize new lake and game type with F5

Bugfixes for lures missing occasionally

Fixes and additions to playlog

Fix to false detection of speed cheating

Memory leaks fixed

Several other smaller bugfixes

In addition, some of the lakes are also updated.

Have fun with Propilkki 2!

-Team Procyon

Over 75 000 downloads! 7.8.2009

Propilkki 2 has been downloaded now over 75 000 times from our servers!

Propilkki 1 ver 1.0 was released about 10 years ago 16.7.2009
The first release of Propilkki 1 ver. 1.0 was at 5th of November 1999. Soon after that, creation of Propilkki 2 was started. Procyon Products is planning some kind of celebration for this 10 years anniversary party.

Beta-tests of version 0.75 will start soon 9.7.2009
Beta-tests of the next Propilkki version will start soon. There are some new features included to the game, like lots of new sounds, possibility to drill to the bottom of the lake, possibility to drill several new holes at once, team-messages, advances in game connection system during disconnections, 2 new lakes (1 more under construction), fixed and clarified game-logs etc etc...

Possible release date is still hard to estimate, but we try to finish this version during early autumn before league(s) and other international competitions will start.

Development of Pp2 v. 0.75 beta has been started 12.3.2009
We have now officially started development of the new Pp2 version. Next release will be smaller update than our previous release. Its most important content will be bug fixes and some new features to the current contents of the game. We hope also to add something new to the sounds and voice samples. There will be major updates to the single player game, but those may not be released in versions 0.75 or 0.8.

Releasing date is still largely unknown. It might be finished at summertime or even at the beginning of autumn. It depends a lot of the scale of updates we decided to add into the game.

Sweden won World Championships of Pp2 2009 18.2.2009
World Championships of Propilkki 2 -2009- have been played now. Sweden took the gold medal again. Latvia fought well and took silver. Finland was 3rd. Final's "lucky loser" Ukraine was 4th.

Congratulations for all players!

Results of the finals:

1) Sweden 46
2) Latvia 40
3) Finland 38
4) Ukraine 36

Latest version of Propilkki (0.7) is downloaded more than 25 000 times 11.2.2009
Our statistics shows, that the latest release of Propilkki 2 (version 0.7) is now downloaded more than 25 000 times. There seems to be nearly linear increase in the number of downloads. We would like to thank all of the players once again.

World Championships of Propilkki 2 starts today! 10.2.2009
World Championships of Propilkki 2 starts today. In the first league will play Finland, Estonia and Ukraine. Tomorrow (Tue) there will be league 2 matches; Norway, Russia and Latvia. At the next week there will be matches of league 3, where last years champion Sweden plays with Belorussia and Lithuania.

Results of the matches and discussion about it could be followed in our forum (English section of Propilkki 2).

World Championship tournament of PP2 is approaching! 20.1.2009
World Championships of PP2 will be played soon! Now we have 9 teams registered into the tournament. The final deadline of signing in into the tournament is 26.1.2009 12:00 A.M. (time of Finland). Teams registered into the tournament currently are: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Time-schedule and "elimination leagues" are determined after the sign in period is over.

Service crashed.. 16.1.2009
Again we had very high amount of users at the same time, when pp2 version was finally released. Service crashed almost immediately after news-update, even we dont have pp2-version in our own server at all!

Please be patient. Everyone will have own copy sooner or later.

v0.7 is released 15.1.2009
Installer is now available on our "download" section.
Have a great springtime with new Pro Pilkki 2!

Release is near.. 15.1.2009
Estimated release time is late tonight. We hope that this time-schedule will be true.

We also want people to ignore all other downloading links, which are not shown in our home page. It is possible, that these "strange" links may contain viruses or something harmful material. Please wait until official release, because it is the only way to have clean and official version of Propilkki 2 v 0.7.

Towards v0.7 release... 14.1.2009
Version 0.7 of ProPilkki 2 is ready. We are now only waiting for the actions from our web admins and mirror site owners. Most propably the release will happen tomorrow, 15.1.2009. Be patient still for a while!

Propilkki downloaded more than 300 000 times! 9.12.2008
Propilkki has now been downloaded from our servers over 300 000 times! Wintertime seems to activate players every year. Thanks for all once again.

Few more screenshots 26.8.2008
Here are some new screenshots of the next version:

1) Powerlines at Jormuanlahti.

2) Some smaller powerlines near roads.

3) And finally new rod, which has stronger line and harder bite indicator.

Development of Pp2 next version is under process 12.8.2008
Because of short and rainy summer in Finland, team Procyon has already started to process next version of Propilkki 2 game. Now we have finished i.e. one more rod and powerline graphics object into the maps. Powerlines will enhance the realism in graphics greatly. New rod will offer to you a stronger line, but its sensitivity with smaller fishes is not so good as in default rod. Stronger line will also drop a little bit interest rate of fishes to bite smaller lures. But who cares, because it will help you to catch some larger lunkers than ever before! There will be also some new species available, which might be lake trout, bleak, blue bream and vendace. Lakes will also contain a thing called "anti-hotspot", which is used to spread shoals to a larger regions than now. This will help clump-effect in places like Jormuanlahti (between spar buoys) and Niemisjärvi (the edge of deep in lower lake). We hope, that this effect will improve the realism sharing good fishing areas to a longer range. Player might need to search good fishing places from larger area, but in multiplayer game this will give possibilities for more players than now. Furthermore, if this function drops levels of catches, then we need to restock more fishes into the lakes.

Lake creation has not been started yet, because first we need to update our lake editor to support all of these improvements listed above. Editor will support also depth function, which will show fishing depth to you while playing the game. This depth bar might be available in 0.7 version, but this is still uncertain. This depth bar will also contain a function that enforces the lure to come up from the hole in the ice. It is needed, when you have a big fish biting and time is running out. Probability to catch that fish is very low when this function used, but at least you have a possibility to leave the hole in time and manage to hurry to the weighting zone. Fishing from different depths (surface, middle) will be available in later versions, but support for it is under construction.

Have a nice autumn!

- Team Procyon

Propilkki 2 v. 0.6 has been released! 29.4.2008
It is finally released!! You can find by clicking "download" button.

Thanks for all of you players! Have fun!

Release of the game is getting closer! 28.4.2008
The game will be released very soon. If our admin manages to connect internet during this night, then the game will be out tonight. If not, then there will be delay for tomorrow (Tuesday.. at least).

Please note, that if some other site (which is not mentioned in our homepage) is sharing Propilkki 2 v. 0.6 beta, it might be fake and contain anything (incl. viruses). So PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE GAME ONLY FROM OUR HOMEPAGE, SUPPORTING FORUMS OR OUR OFFICIAL MIRRORS.

Beta-testings nearly finished! 21.4.2008
Beta-team has nearly finished this test-period. We are currently working with the last version before releasing (0.59). This version should be the same than 0.6. Only some clear new bugs are going to be fixed (if they even exists).

Beta-testings of v.0.6 will start soon! 6.4.2008
We have nearly completed next version of Propilkki 2 (v.0.6 beta). We will start intensive beta-testings soon. After this period, we do some bug-fixing and normal short test-episode also. Then this 0.6 is finally ready for releasing. Approximated release date is during April!

Propilkki 2 beta v.0.6 latest news 14.3.2008
Here is short listing about updates, what we have done. Lots of work still needs to be done before releasing.
1) Playing in windowed mode
2) Post-join-feature
3) 4 new lakes (Hossalaislammet, Kivijoki, Haapolahti,
4) Speed cheat detection and info and possibly auto-ban
5) Text Copy-paste (ip for example)
6) Some new graphical objects
7) Widening of reserved area of a hole and player
8) Lots of minor bugfixes (i.e. some 3D device halted -errors are now fixed)

We have also promised to create i.e. slippery (no snow) ice -effect, new colours
for players, some improvements into info-screens, team-cups etc.. We have to give up
some of these, because time schedule is too tight. Possibly i.e. new rod, more species,
more voices etc will be available in later versions.

We look forward to release next version before end of April. It is our plan, but
it will not be absolute deadline. Beta-testing and bug fixing might take more time
than expected. We will do our best!


We have also opened an account for voluntary donations. More information is available
in Finnish, but we will give more information in English in the near future.

Finnish information is available here:

Server works again & counter shows over 200 000 downloads! 29.2.2008
Now it seems that problems are solved. Normal downloading seems to work.

Counter shows now "201 511" downloads.

Some problems in downloading 29.2.2008
There are some problems in downloading. We are resolving problem now.

Sweden won international tournament 20.2.2008
The first international Propilkki 2 tournament is now played. Final results are:

1) Sweden 67
2) Finland 35
3) Russia 34
4) Latvia 27

Sweden won easily this time. Congratulations to the winners!

League 2: Russia and Sweden to the finals! 14.2.2008
League 2 was played today. Russia won and Sweden became 2nd. Norway and Poland are out of the finals.
We'll see next week, what team is champion of Propilkki 2 -2008- !

Teams in finals:


League 1 finished, Latvia and Finland to the finals! 13.2.2008
We just finished league 1. Latvians won it easily, and Finland were second. Estonian collapsed at Jormua -match and therefore they are out of finals. Ukraine were 4th this time. Sorry, that their captain had connection problems.

You can find more results from our forum/community.

International tournament of Propilkki 2 starts today! 13.2.2008
Today we will play first league in international championships tournament of Propilkki 2. At wednesday, there will be Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine playing. At thursday, Norway, Sweden, Russia and Poland.

Two best teams of each league goes to the finals.

We will inform you about results in specific thread in our forum.

Good luck for all teams!


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