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Recently PlayStation enhanced its support for Netflix on PlayStation 3. And, these few technology enhancements have definitely ensured very good news for that PlayStation owners. Netflix subscribers can observe all time favorite movies correct in their family room by streaming movies over the Internet. Sony started the association with Netflix last year as well as then the relationship has grown and matured considerably. Earlier, PlayStation users required a relevant video streaming disc for live streaming of movies and videos on the console. But now, the new netflix pl application for PlayStation 3 console has improved the live streaming experience considerably.

From October 2011, get ready to experience an intuitive interface which can be fast and user-friendly. You need a PlayStation 3 console, a web connection, preferably high-speed, and Netflix subscription. This will enable you to watch free movies online, Tv programs, BBC shows, documentaries, biographies, and lots more. When downloading the newest app, you need to delete the current app. Existing users can upgrade their Netflix application by going to the TV/Videos section through their PlayStation XMB. Go to the Netflix icon, delete the current application. Go to the PlayStation Network, go the "What's New" section and download the brand new Netflix app. Accept to the updated conditions and terms and you are prepared to watch Netflix movies. It could be easily accessed with the directional arrows on PS3. An incredible plus point is Netflix and PS3 combination provides some exclusive features which can be still not available for other consoles, like movies in 1080p hi-def, with Dolby 5.1 channel multichannel. In accordance with a survey conducted by Knowledge Networks, Netflix is now key destination for entertainment one of many U.S. consumers. As per the report: -35% of U.S. consumers from the generation of 13-54 years use Netflix for streaming or DVD/ Blu-ray rentals one or more times monthly -10 % of Netflix subscribers opted for cancel the service if their cable/ satellite providers began to offer similar service at same price -62 % of the Netflix users prefer videogame systems for watching Netflix "Watch Instantly" content with a Television set Netflix on PlayStation 3 is being highly preferred by users. In comparison to Hulu Plus, an Outrageous (OTT) subscription service provider, netflix pl scores far better since it incorporates 20,000 titles from various genres. In addition, it succeeds Hulu Plus by providing 1080p high-definition streaming since the former streams in 720p. Netflix on PlayStation surely looks promising which is going to become premier method to obtain entertainment for all you PS3 owners on the market. I will be Shane and possess been creating articles about latest services offered in the field of entertainment. Presently We have covered a good deal about fast streaming services like Hulu Plus, Netflix on PS3, Verizon, TodoCast and even more.