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It is difficult to imagine a contemporary house, moreover an operating office without electrical items. We will state that our work places are filled with electrical devices and we have used them tremendously in our life. Everybody knows how important safety factors are, specially when it's about electric power and electrical items. It could seem small, but when you have a enterprise that depends drastically on electrical things you need to be sure that everything is working efficiently and no technical issues could jeopardize the security of your personnel and the efficiency of your enterprise.

Nen 1010 represents a series of Dutch security rules under General Regulations for Electrical Installations (AREI). Nen standards are not laws but plans, useful suggestions for market. These agreements include the lowest security needs to low-voltage installations in residential, commercial building and industrial objects must meet. Copyright is held by NEN.

The nen 1010 started as a Dutch supplement to the General Provisions of the (European) standard NEN-EN 50110. This makes it practically workable in the field of low voltage. For high voltage area is the Nen 3840.

NNS inspections BV approve your electrical gear, appliances, ladders, scaffolding and harnesses at competitive costs. Electrical gear include: drills, coffee machines, refrigerators, angle grinders, extension cords, hoovers, microwaves, hairdryers, table sockets, soldering irons, chargers cordless drills, reels, extension cords, sewing machines and ovens. The interval of the assessments, referred to as certification period is determined by the installation manager of a company, and are carried out on the basis of the relevant table from the NEN 3140.

Nen 3140 inspectie are required for any self-respecting corporation who want to operate within the well-established regulations of the law. To pass a nen 3140 keuring a business will need to hire an agency that will perform nen 3140 inspectie. And you'll need somebody professional and trust worthy.

At you'll find the professionals you're looking for for nen 3140 inspectie. An impartial testing company is your best option to pass the nen 1010 certification. Given that they supply only their professional services and aren't involved in promoting any sort of electrical materials their customers can certainly trust their expert opinion, without worrying it is jeopardized by some form of commercial interest. Customers depend on an unbiased picture of the NEN inspected items. All tests meet high standards and are ISO, VCA and OSH accredited.

It is crucial that electrical inspections would take place at least one time a year to prevent hazardous situations, in addition it is a mandatory requirement for any firm. Consequently don't be afraid to get your nen 3140 inspectie on time.

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