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Introduce nursery rhymes to children in an engaging and fun way. Sing them, read them and act them out! Poems are simple to memorize and really fun to recite. From centuries, teachers have amused their students with nursery rhyme.

There are plenty of methods to approach teaching nursery songs to the young children. As a first thing, you just read or sing a rhyme to your children, whilst showing them the pictures. Encourage your kids to sing along with you. An additional way is to act them out. This not only helps children to learn the nursery songs but also comprehend the meaning of each word.

Apart from that, there are numerous methods to teach your children the popular nursery rhymes in the most engaging and fun manner. Let's have a sneak peep into it.

Simple steps to introduce nursery songs to kids:

Simple rhymes

Start with easy rhymes! Teach your children the nursery rhymes that are short and not extremely lengthy. For newbies, singing lengthy rhymes might difficulty them and they might not be able to memorize them. So, attempt kids songs which are not lengthy such as, 'Johny Johny, Yes Papa', 'Twinkle Twinkle Small Star', 'Baa Baa Black Sheep', 'Incy Wincy Spider', 'Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake, baker's man', 'Polly Place The Kettle On', 'Simple Simon', 'Row Row Row Your Boat' and many much more.

Actions and facial expressions

To make the teaching more fun-filled and entertaining, use actions and facial expression whilst singing the rhymes. You might also differ your voice to capture their interest and keep them entertained whilst they learn.

Sing along

As soon as your kid becomes familiar with the nursery rhymes, encourage them to join in and sing along. You can also say some component of rhymes and ask them to say components of the rhyme themselves. This will help the kids to memorize the rhymes and they can recite it independently.

Practice rhymes

Nursery rhyme can be taught and enjoyed anywhere, any-time and any place! Encourage your children to sing along the songs when getting ready for bed, bath time, while playing with toys, dressing them up, travelling and much more. Throughout these occasions, kids cannot resist joining in!

Watch rhymes videos

Kids are frequently attracted by mesmerizing and stunning animated nursery rhyme videos. As they listen and watch the songs, they rapidly grasp it. Make certain you have a collection of best nursery rhymes videos that are funny, entertaining and educational.

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