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When invited to attend a special evening function, you should clearly appear in a fabulous gown so as to attract the interest of all the other guests present.

Your evening gown should match properly with regard to size, tailoring and general style as any gown that is over-sized or ill-fitting will make you look clumsy and at times, even comical.

Your evening gown should be of a distinct style and pleasing color that adds grace to your personality. If you are a teenager, it is preferable that you avoid ruffles and bows as they may at occasions look flippant and will not convey the true charm of your face and body figure.

It is essential that neckline is appropriate and compliment the shape of your face and the delicacy of your neck. You should scrupulously avoid plunging necklines, excessive exposure of the cleavage, backless and overly brief gowns. If you have prominent breasts and want to highlight it, you can opt for a V-neck dress.

However, a formal gown must seem not provocative but wholly respectable and of either knee length or floor length depending on your height and professionally tailored with out any wrinkles.

One of the easiest ways to identify the correct evening gown is to browse on-line and you will find the shops that provide a plethora of well tailored gowns of each size, shape and style. But before beginning to shop, you should note down your physical measurements and vital statistics.

It would be still preferable an experienced tailor or a fashion professional does the measurement. Make sure that when measured you should be wearing your undergarments and the lingerie below the gown you are wearing.

The type of gown you choose should go nicely with the nature of the event you will be attending. A light cotton evening gown would be suitable for an outdoor event throughout summer months, whereas a lengthy sophisticated silk or velvet gown of a dark shade would be the correct option for any grand event throughout cold weather.

As with any evening gown, various designs are there to suit different body shapes. Consider you very best physical features, and attempt to flaunt them to grab interest. For example, if your arms are your best asset, opt for a strapless evening gown or one with narrow straps. If your legs are more attractive, go for shorter gowns.

Your option of gown should also rely on the formality of the event. If it is a formal occasion and you are going to be in the midst of conservative people, you should consider covering up your shoulders and upper part of your body. Otherwise you can appear attractive to an extent with side split or side cuts gowns that show off much more skin.

Pay special attention to the texture and quality of the fabric and make sure it is rich but not gaudy. Most evening gowns are now made from synthetic materials as they are cheaper and do not crumple. It should be perfectly in order even if you choose an evening gown made of synthetic material. Another important factor when selecting the perfect evening gown is picking one of the right colors. Some inappropriate colors can spoil your looks, making you look pale and lifeless.

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